Tesla recalls 119,000 Model Ss in the US due to automatic opening of the front trunk – picture and sound – News

Tesla is recalling nearly 119,000 Model S in the US to repair the front luggage compartment, which can be opened while driving. All Model 3 units delivered in the US through September 2020 must also be returned due to a trunk issue.

front trunk tesla model s

The Model S problem is larger and affects more copies than the Model 3. The recall in the US is 356,309 units of Model 3, with an estimated 1 percent having a torso problem. That’s roughly 3,500 Model 3s that would have the problem. These 356,309 vehicles are nearly all of the models delivered in the country between 2017 and September 2020. Model S is 119.009 units, 14 percent of them have a problem with the front trunk or trunk. So it is expected that there will be about 16,600 cars with this problem.

On the Model 3, repeatedly opening and closing the luggage compartment can damage the rear camera cable. As a result, it can stop working and the image will not be visible on the screen. On the Model S, if the primary latch fails and the second latch fails, the front trunk lid may open. If that happens, drivers won’t be able to see the road anymore.

It is not known if there will also be draws in the Netherlands and Belgium. The spokesperson could not be reached by phone on Thursday. Recalls are common in the auto market, although it is not uncommon for a factory to recall all units produced, as is the case now with the Model 3.

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