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Bitcoin reserve Luna Foundation Guard van $1,2 miljard is zoek

Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) is a non-profit organization that aims to support and help grow the Terra (LUNA) ecosystem. To do this they had a file Bitcoin (BTC) Reserves of 70,736 bitcoins, worth approximately $2 billion. This reserve will be used to maintain the stability of the stablecoin if it fails with LUNA.

Despite the huge amount of BTC purchased, the reserves are still not able to supply the underground reservoirs. The stablecoin As the name suggests, it should represent a value of $1. At the time of writing, this stablecoin is only worth $0.17, which is a significant drop.

Meanwhile, LFG has lent this Bitcoin reserve to over the counter (OTC) investment companies to protect underground reservoirs. This should leave $1.2 billion worth of bitcoin in reserve. The organization has not yet announced anything about this reserve.

Of course we can go through blockchain Search the LFG wallet, but we see that there are no more bitcoins in this wallet. This wallet data was announced on May 9 via Twitter:

But where are those bitcoins?

Outside on the chain Data shows that all 70,736 bitcoins have disappeared from LFG’s reserves. LFG itself has indicated that it needs another $1 billion to protect the stablecoin. However, it appears that BTC is no longer needed by LFG as the company is no longer reporting on it. In addition, the founder of Terra believes that the ground floor cabinets are possible It can no longer be saved.

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So, exactly where all the bitcoins from the sanctuary went or what they were used for, remains a mystery at the moment. Cryptocurrency Researcher Mika Honkassalo says:

“So despicable that no one knows what LFG has done with billions in BTC collateral.

I assumed they were sold out, but a lot of rumors circulate that they still have most of them.”

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