January 26, 2023

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The U.S. government is examining a nationwide shortage of baby milk powder

The U.S. government is examining a nationwide shortage of baby milk powder

Photo: ANP

The U.S. government is investigating a nationwide shortage of baby milk powder that has arisen in the United States. ABC News reports that the House of Representatives’ Special Committee would like to see documents from four of the country’s largest manufacturers, including Abbott Nutrition, Meat Johnson Nutrition, Nestle and Perico.

“The nationwide shortage of baby milk powder is threatening the health of children and families across the country, especially low-income earners,” committee chairwoman Carolyn Maloney wrote in a letter to manufacturers.

Many parents in the United States are mistaken when buying baby milk powder recently. The shortage was caused by a factory that stopped production, and was exacerbated by global distribution problems caused by the corona epidemic.

Maloney told ABC News that he would like to know by the end of the month whether the manufacturers have enough inventory to meet the demand. She wants to know if there is a problem with the supply chain and how companies want to prevent this from happening again.

President Joe Biden spoke with representatives of the manufacturers and stores that sell the products on Thursday and urged families to do everything they can to ensure their baby food returns. Inquiries into the deficiencies have also been announced.

The White House says the FDA, the US food watchdog, will soon announce new plans to import powdered milk for babies. For example, Biden called on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate reports of inflation.