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The Telegram chat app gets Stories. They appear behind a separate menu that can be called up in the user interface. Users can link stories to their profile and decide how long they can be seen and who can see them.

Stories will come “soon,” but it’s not known exactly when, says Telegram founder Pavel Durov In a post on his own channel. That should happen sometime in early July. According to Durov, stories were a much requested feature; More than half of the requests to developers are for this feature.

Durov has Share with us a concept of what Stories will look like.. It’s pretty similar to what most of the story features in other apps look like. Users can see them by clicking on chats at the top of the app, which will expand a horizontal bar containing stories from friends. It is also possible to create your own stories there. Users can add captions and both the front and back camera can be used for the story.

As with most other Stories features, Telegram will also allow you to control who can see posts. This can be anyone, but also just friends in a contact list or a few specifically referenced contacts. It will also be possible to set how long stories remain available. This can be for 6, 12, 24 or 48 hours or permanently.

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