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Lubuntu’s UI isn’t actually quite as fancy as that of Windows 7, but once you install all the basics (Audacious, VLC, Firefox) you’ll have a perfectly usable HTPC on your desk (also because Lubuntu is more advanced under the hood than W7).

Lubuntu takes up about 520-576MB of RAM (Windows 7 requires more than twice as fast (due to Security Essentials, among others), if fully patched (usually about 1.4GB): an unpatched install takes about 600MB.

So you can manage 2 GB if you combine Firefox with Lubuntu and we limit ourselves to a maximum of 4 tabs in Firefox: then Firefox is about 1.2 GB ~ 1.5 GB Need RAM.


I checked it on my new laptop with Lubuntu: and with 4 tabs open Tweakers, YouTube, MSN News, Mail, and the OS takes up 1.89 GB out of 16 GB ;)

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[…] I think one of the advantages of mint is that it is generally stable, very easy to use, and very friendly to your system. A dual core CPU and 4GB of RAM will suffice in most cases for a desktop with mint.

I agree with you: I have several people there to praise You hear talking about it :)

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