Producer Rik van Velthuisen furious at Radio 2: ‘I find this terrible’

Producer Rik van Velthuisen furious at Radio 2: 'I find this terrible'

Producer Koert Walraven is disappointed that he and DJ Rick van Velthuysen were unable to say goodbye to their listeners on NPO Radio 2. Together they make the show “RickvanV doen 2”. “Unfortunately, the NPO has a few massively overpaid call centers in the tree, who don’t understand the radio industry and show no respect for you as a listener,” he wrote on Facebook. “I personally find that terrible, precisely because this is a public radio station.”

The two did their last broadcast last night, without even knowing it themselves. The switch from Rick van Velthuysen to Radio Veronica meant that the program on NPO Radio 2 had to stop immediately. “The way things are now is not at all deserving of a beauty award,” says the producer. “I also found out long after the show that we just gave our last ‘RickvanV doen 2’. And that we couldn’t give you the credit you deserve,” he tells his listeners. So here we go, with a very deep bow! “

According to Walraven, he is not referring to the director of NPO Radio 2, Peter de Vries, with hotemetots. “The layer that gives you the chubby middle finger is on top.” He states that the editors, music editors, and channel management have always given them their “full dedication and support”.

critical listeners

Critical listeners also take a hit from the producer. “For the few who didn’t like it: Well, have fun with Spotify or Youtube, dear reclusive soloist who’s been stuck for too long as a result of a latent boring fragmentation mentality with a look-away mentality. For that one, I’d say: “Go live, dare to put your mind to it.” on 0″.

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Rick has been presenting a nightly program on Radio 2 since November 2018. Firstly between 2:00am and 4:00am and since early 2022 from midnight to 3:00am. The DJ switches to Radio Veronica to host the morning show there. It will be replaced by non-stop music for now.

Photo: NPO Radio 2 | Linda Stolick

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