Google Wallet Will Soon Let Users Pass With A QR Code Or Add A Barcode – Tablets, Phones – News

Google Wallet users will soon be able to add all passes using a QR code or barcode to the app. The company cites gym card or parking lanes as examples. With this feature, users no longer need to carry passes.

Users will soon be able to take photos of the card and upload them to Google Wallet. The app will then recognize and save the QR or barcode. This QR code or barcode can then be given a name and description, after which users can redeem it within Wallet. Google says no When this feature becomes available.

The company also wants to add train and plane tickets to Wallet, provided that users receive that ticket via Google’s RCS messaging app. This will first work for Vietnam Airlines, Spanish train company Renfe and Deutschland public transport ticket. It should also be possible to upload restaurant reservations to Wallet. Later this year, it will also be possible to upload company badges into Wallet, so employees can use their phone as a key to enter company headquarters, for example.

The company has also announced that other cards will soon be stored in Wallet, although this does not yet have an impact on Dutch or Belgian users. US and UK users will soon be able to load their health insurance card into Wallet, which is a “special card”. This means that users must first authenticate themselves, for example, with a PIN code or fingerprint before using this card.

Starting Thursday, users in Maryland will also be able to upload their ID card or driver’s license into the Wallet app. Google wants to expand this to other US states, but it doesn’t say if and when this feature will become available in Europe. Users can use their ID card or driver’s license to identify themselves at certain airports. Later this year, it will also be possible to check accounts online and rent cars.

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