Teardown explains that the Samsung Galaxy S22 battery is difficult to replace – tablets and phones – news

No, they sealed it with glue because we’re expecting a water- and dust-resistant phone. The cover that holds the battery is not really waterproof. In addition, if you now launch a phone that is as thick as it was at the time when your battery was just a cover, you will be judged negatively on all sides.

You can simply hand over the batteries at the same points where you leave the batteries for recycling. And in professional companies where you can exchange them for a small amount, they are also neatly disposed of (although I doubt this in the cheap phone shop in the corner).

I don’t think the consumer should simply be able to replace everything themselves. You get accidents or suddenly other things start to play out. It is easy to replace the batteries with an electric bike, enough number of bikes has a battery that you can tow. However, this also makes them vulnerable to theft. Those in which batteries are well hidden and which are less likely to be stolen, go directly to the luxury category. So this knife cuts both ways.

Where do you draw the line? Should the TV screen itself be replaced easily?
Should I be able to easily replace the printed circuit board as a consumable in any device?

In this case, the battery can be replaced for a small fee. I think that’s good.
However, I can’t buy the cup that comes with my blender separately. I can no longer buy the glass plate in the microwave after 5 years. So I have to buy a whole new device for 120 euros. Not to mention the oven dishes. If I want to replace it after 10 years, I have to buy a new oven and a new stove because they are so complete with each other. I find that more harmful than having to pay €100 to replace the battery of my phone.

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