Team Group Showcases PCIe 5.0 SSD With Read Speeds Up To 13GB/s And Up To 4TB Capacity – Computer – News

They are often slower than older variants (see below for the article). If you want to use such a fast port, you actually need a very expensive professional SSD. In the consumer market, you have to pay more attention if you want the best price / quality ratio.

I don’t know if it still is, but while I was searching for the best SSD to buy, I also went for the Samsung 970 Evo Plus. Memory is TLC, and if I remember TLC

TLC is good value for money. Many newer SSDs are essentially slower but are metered and marketed based on cache speed. The cache on the slower SSD is written in the background while idle. So you can only write a batch with the size of the cache. After that the speed drops significantly.

This shouldn’t be a problem, like @ArconX here at the top Indicates. Only here on Tweakers I might do it: “… 80% of people are enough.”

For example, if you’re working with a LOG video, or even a workflow with larger volumes than a regular video, you’ll notice that unplanned coffee moments can pop up every day. And if you’re a game developer with a large streaming body, I can imagine this cache might not be the best.

This is an old article But I think the idea is still the same.

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