A student hacked a Friesian teacher’s laptop after which the data of 1,150 students was leaked – IT Pro – News

The personal details of 1,150 students, their parents and Frisian School staff were leaked online last week. A student borrowed a laptop from a teacher and then hacked it. The data was then distributed to the students via Discord.

According to Leeuwarder Courant At the end of November, the pupil in question was allowed to borrow a laptop from a teacher from the Liudger Raai School community in Drachten to do a school assignment, because he didn’t have one of his own. Take the opportunity to install stealth software that allows it to later access data from the device, the local branch of the comprehensive school, and the comprehensive online platform. This is shown by Another rebuild From Leeuwarder Courant.

This data included the names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of students, parents, and staff at the local school. Sensitive information, such as learning disabilities, was also stolen. According to Leeuwarder Courant, the data was posted last week via Discord and, according to the school, has been actively shared with other students.

After the school community was informed of the dropout, necessary action was taken, according to Principal Jupp Vogel. For example, the laptop of the teacher in question was checked and cleaned. Police and parents were contacted, and the school community has reportedly reported the leak to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. The student was stopped and another student involved.

to updateAnd 18 st 10: Explain that the pupil also had access to the school’s online platform.

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