T-Mobile wants to improve network coverage with technology from Lyfo.NET – Tablets & Phones – News

T-Mobile Netherlands has signed an exclusive contract with Lyfo.NET. This allows the operator to use Lyfo TwinSim technology. This makes it possible to automatically switch to an alternative mobile network in areas with less coverage.

TwinSIM technology Uses a second SIM card in the device. This card has access to all mobile networks available in the Netherlands and worldwide. The primary SIM remains connected with the T-Mobile network. If this connection falls below a certain quality level, the built-in Lyfo.NET technology automatically switches and According to T-Mobile within 100ms to the best alternative network available at that time. If this connection is no longer the fastest, it reverts to the basic connection to avoid additional costs.

With this service, T-Mobile is focusing on the public sector, such as police, ambulance services, and firefighters. The company also lists private sector customers for whom telecom services will be important, such as healthcare, security, logistics and auto companies. For customers who often work in areas with less coverage, the technology could also offer a solution, according to the company.

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