15 Years Later De Gouden Kooi: Terror Jaap Weekly at TBS Clinic

15 Years Later De Gouden Kooi: Terror Jaap Weekly at TBS Clinic

The story encounters Yap Ames in a place she least expected: during a court case involving the discredited and corrupt chess grandmaster Yiji F. “Yge has been my chess teacher for nearly thirty years,” Yap explains in conversation with Story. “When I knew he was in trouble, I started to support him. I live near Nijmegen, where Yge is at the TBS clinic. I play chess with him there every Friday evening.


After his disappearance from television, Yap consciously lived in anonymity, because he was regularly invited to various TV shows. I’ve been asked to be in a lot of TV games, but I’ve said no to everything. This does not make me happy. What I want is Expedition Robinson. I would like. Then I have a goal. Then I will starve the rest of the people. I get the best results from it, because I have more mass. I find this funny.

An upcoming documentary?

Yap will open a book about his current life for the foreseeable future. “It will come with my next initiative,” Yap said vaguely. What is this, I still keep to myself. But something is coming. Book or documentary? I will announce it when the time comes. Otherwise I will get all kinds of questions again and not meet the deadline. In my next initiative there will be things that no one knew about.

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