Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 comparison. Google Pixel Watch – Conclusion

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 comparison. Google Pixel Watch - Conclusion

The Google Pixel Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 both run Wear OS 3.5 and have a lot in common, but they are two really different devices. It’s not so much because Samsung has tweaked the look of Wear OS with its One UI, but in terms of functionality, it’s mainly because Google uses Fitbit for health and sports logging, while Samsung uses its own Health app. The best option depends on what you’re looking for. We think the Fitbit app is better for tracking public health trends. The pain point is that you have to subscribe to Fitbit Premium to access all the insights, which costs an extra nine euros per month. If you don’t get this subscription, you’ll receive lower statistics on your sleep, for example, and those insights will also be limited to the past seven days.

As far as sports recording is concerned, Samsung is the best. The app provides clearer data screens that you can tweak to your liking and also provides more information afterwards in the app that helps you analyze your performance.

Moreover, both watches work well with Android phones. Whether it’s controlling media, navigating Google Maps, responding to notifications with voice, paying via Google Pay, or controlling, say, the lights at home via the Google Assistant; Works reliably and quickly with both watches.

However, if you take everything into consideration, I have a clear preference for one of the two watches, where battery life is of crucial importance. On this point, the beautiful and compact Pixel Watch scores very poorly and that’s a pity. If you don’t mind charging your watch every day or night and want a watch that’s compact and unobtrusive, the Pixel Watch is worth considering. But do you also want to be able to track sleep and don’t want to charge it every day? Then, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is undoubtedly the best choice. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is larger and thicker, which has its advantages and disadvantages. The larger screen is a little easier to operate and definitely easier to read while working out. The downside is that the Watch 5 Pro may be on the large side for a smaller wrist.

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