System76 adjusts coreboot so that the Intel Management Engine can be turned off again – Computer – News

System76 has modified its vital alternate coreboot implementation to allow the Intel management engine to be disabled on new Raptor Lake laptops. This fixes a major bug in laptops. Laptops also receive secure boot support.

System 76 He writes in a blog post This error has been fixed with a firmware update. In an earlier version of coreboot that shipped with laptops, the Intel Management Engine was disabled. Then, it turned out that Intel ME had restarted for many users. It turns out that this is due to a bug in the dynamic alternate coreboot. This error may cause a buffer overflow that causes the management engine to start over and over again. System76 says it has now fixed that, but it does not yet work correctly with models with 11th Gen Intel Tiger Lake U CPUs. The error should now be fixed as well upstream from coreboot.

System76 devices also gain secure boot support in a firmware update. This is essential for Windows 11 laptops. Support also extends to current 13th Gen Intel processors, and System76 says support will also be available for future Intel CPUs. System76 also wants to work on support for secure boot keys for Pop! _OS, the company’s Linux operating system.

System76 also says that in the firmware update, the maximum power for Raptor Lake CPUs went to 45 watts, up from 28 watts. Newer laptops also get support for Nvidia’s Dynamic Boost and security updates have been added to the system.

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