Swimming pools must also ask for a QR code

Swimming pools must also ask for a QR code

The swimming world is also affected by the stricter Corona measures that will be announced on Tuesday evening. Swimming pools must start asking for a QR code from Friday. “We understand that something needs to be done and we also understand the government’s concerns,” says Shiva de Winter, head of the Swimming and Water Safety Foundation at Good Morning Netherlands. “But we will not engage in a policy that is motivated by vaccination and where children are the ultimate victims.”

According to de Winter, this is not the job of swimming pools. “We are willing to return one and a half meters in the building and also to fulfill the mask obligation. And a parent supervisor with you, making you safer in the pool. Safer with just a QR code.”

And he announced at the Corona press conference that face masks will be mandatory in public closed spaces. There is also talk of making these things mandatory again in stores such as the supermarket. More sectors should also start requiring QR code, such as museums, amusement parks, zoos, gyms and thus swimming pools as well.

“It costs you money”

Restaurant pioneer Letty Wuijts was also once considered non-compliance with the rules. “It costs you money. You want to participate but you always try to consider the consequences. Then you try to find a compromise, but sometimes you have to. This consideration is very difficult. Also for your employees, your guests, and your business processes. Those are three things to consider.”

Legal scholar Afshin Elian understands this disobedience. “Yes, but I advise you to comply with the laws. Especially these laws. It is a very complex issue, but it would still be very nice if everyone adhered to these laws. However, you will see immediate results very quickly. Then these measures can be weakened or canceled again.”

I’m afraid of that now

Wiggs agrees that it is not clear how long the measures will continue and this also creates a lot of uncertainty. “First, there’s the press conference, and then they introduce some measure or restriction, and pretty soon you’ll notice that what they said at the time has been tightened up two weeks later and now I’m afraid of that too.”

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Written by: Bert Van Dorn

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