The first cancellations at the gym already in place at the moment threaten the mandatory Corona Card

Gemmy Schellekens.
Jimmy Shilkins.
Jimmy Shilkins.

Going to the gym without the Corona lane may no longer be possible as of Friday. The outgoing government is expected to announce during Tuesday night’s press conference that the now-known and controversial QR code will be mandatory in more places. Immediately after this news was leaked on Monday, Jimmy Shilkins, owner of three gyms in Boxtel, Dean Bosch and Rosmalen, received his first thirty cancellations.

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Corona Pass is the talk of the day at her gym on Tuesday anyway. “Terrible,” says Schilkins. “We didn’t even get our members back in large numbers and now we have to deal with this again. We will never get over it this way.”

She immediately indicates that she understands that something must be done to relieve the pressure on the hospitals. “But if it continues like this, I can shut down. And that doesn’t just apply to me.”

“I just don’t have a number of people willing to scan QR codes.”

Schellekens anticipates a regulatory problem in this regard. For example, the gym in Den Bosch is unoccupied for part of the day. “And not only do I have a number of people willing to scan QR codes.”

The owner of three gyms belongs to the Federation of Exclusive Sports Centers VES. The target group of its gyms is made up of people over the age of forty and fifty. People who are just a little more careful.

What I have noticed is that the vaccinated members are happy with the new procedure. But according to her, unvaccinated people will not be persuaded to get vaccinated through the mandatory Corona corridor. Several members’ subscription was frozen initially, but now they are cancelled, as you suffer.

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