Suspected serial killer arrested in US: ‘He was on a new mission’

Suspected serial killer arrested in US: 'He was on a new mission'

It’s about 43-year-old Wesley Brownlee. At a news conference, police in Stockton, the city where five of the six victims were shot, said they were “hunting” for more victims when Brownlee was arrested. “He was on a new mission,” Police Chief Stanley McFadden said.

“We’re confident we’ve prevented another homicide with this.”

Matches in all murders

So five people died in Stockton. They were killed between July 8 and September 27. The other victim was killed in Oakland in April 2021. According to the police, all the murders had similarities: all the victims were alone and were murdered at night or early in the morning.

All the victims were between the ages of 21 and 54. One woman survived Brownlee’s alleged shooting. The motive of the accused is still under investigation. Police said yesterday that they do not know why Brownlee committed the murders.

Hundreds of tips per day

Earlier, police enlisted the help of Stockton residents, offering a $115,000 reward for a gold tip. Stockton’s mayor said yesterday that hundreds of tips are coming in every day. “It wouldn’t have been possible without you,” he said. It’s unclear if any tips led to Brownlee’s arrest. He is expected to go to trial on the charges on Tuesday.

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