Pierre Hermans hears that the company was burnt down during a holiday in Spain

De brandweer laat het pand in Beugen gecontroleerd uitbranden (Foto: Marco van den Broek/SQ Vision).

“I don’t think there’s anything left of it,” says Pierre Hermanns, co-owner of Hahebo office furniture company in Beyogen. Hermanns heard the news while on vacation in Spain. After seeing the photos, he collected his things to drive to Boxmeer. There are more businesses in the building that caught fire on Sunday.

“My niece lives in Boxmere and she went to take a look. Then she called me,” Hermans says. “I saw the pictures of the fire at the time and I think there was little left of our company.”

The fire appears to have broken out in the neighboring company of Hermans. “You can see the fire is the first thing that comes out of the building there. The company trades in batteries. They have a special container next to the building for those batteries. Those containers are still fairly intact.”

Pierre Hermanns called his business neighbour, “but he didn’t answer. I think he has already worked.” Hermann himself seems quite relaxed. “I have several companies, and I’m on the board of Ronde van Boxmeer. You won’t see me easily nervous. I know that sometimes things go well and sometimes they go against.”

Call the clients
Hermanns built the building himself at the end of the 1980s, and very little of it remains. A year and a half ago, the neighboring company that sells batteries acquired the building. So Hermanns no longer owns this property.

“In 1990 I moved there with Haihabo.” His company trades in office interiors and since the advent of Corona has started working at home needs. “It’s a thriving company. I’m doing this with my son and my husband, they really have a stomachache. Orders for Monday were already ready. We’ll just have to tell these customers the bad news.”

Then there was still some tension in Pierre Hermans’ voice. “Let’s now hope I’m not stuck in France without petrol.”

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