March 30, 2023

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Annette Barlow: NPO is not interested in the sequel part beware!!!  |  show

Annette Barlow: NPO is not interested in the sequel part beware!!! | show

At the beginning of this year, Barlow announced that she is doing her best to create a profile continuation To warn him!!! To get the tube. The actress would like to play the role of Anna Paul again in it. However, now she is not a granddaughter and daughter, but a mother. “Because I think the public needs it again,” Barlow said. “For more fun and enjoyment on TV.” Then BNNVara announced that it has no concrete plans at the moment.

It now also appears that the NPO does not want to restart. Barlow tells on his podcast series There I Stayed Home! That both the actors and audience were looking forward to a new series, but the nonprofit has now pulled out. “There was interest and now we’re not there anymore,” Barlow said. , but okay, there’s a lot of other stuff going on, and that’s okay. However, I will not leave it, because there are many broadcasters and streaming services. So we really hope we can receive it again.”

Barlow thought a sequel to To warn him!!! More relevant than ever. Sure, because the blended family plays more than ever. I also think the Netherlands needs some laughter and connection again.”

To warn him!!! It has been on Vara for twelve years and is one of the longest-running Dutch comedy series. The series was about the Bol-Buys family who, led by grandparents Willem (Ben Hollsman) and Henry (Queen Flink), live together in a mansion in Rotterdam.

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