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EA Motive released more gameplay footage of a Dead Space remake on Friday. The video lasts eight minutes and showcases, among other things, the new version of USG Ishimura, the spaceship where the game takes place.

in gameplay video Producer Philippe Ducharme tours the spaceship. It appears that the barn in the new version is larger than the original version of the game. In the new version of the hangar, the player can explore it by flying around it. Ducharme also offers a feature called Intensity Director. With this said, the placement of enemies and certain effects, such as smoke and light, are different in each game session.

The video also contains images of features that have already been demonstrated, including the so-called “peel” system. Enemy models consist of different layers of bone, tendon, and muscle. It can be fired or cut in different ways. What the removal of body parts looks like depends on the angle from which the player attacks the monsters and the weapon the player uses.

The Dead Space edition was announced earlier this year. early October EA Motive demoed first gameplay footageOne of the game. With the new version, the developer wants to take the horror experience of the 2008 game to a new level. The game should not only look better graphically, but also become a more intense game with better sound and camera work. Earlier, the developer had already reported that the game will be launched One continuous scene will exist. Dead Space is scheduled to be released on January 27, 2023. The game was announced for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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