Thousands of people demonstrate in Paris against inflation

Thousands of people demonstrate in Paris against inflation


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Thousands of people took to the streets of Paris to protest the high prices. This increases pressure on President Macron’s government.

The campaign for a wage increase was organized, among other things, by left-wing opposition parties. The organizers described it as a march against the high cost of living and against negative behavior in the climate crisis. Demonstrators demanded a freeze on energy prices, rents and basic commodities.

Garbage bins were set on fire and vandalized. Despite these incidents, the police said they had the situation under control.

Crowds closed a number of streets:

Thousands stand on their feet in Paris against high inflation

Organizers say there are more than 140,000 protesters, but police put the number at 30,000, according to French media.

“Chaos by Macron”

In a speech, the leader of the far-left La France Insoumise party, Melenchon, said Macron’s leadership had thrown France into chaos.

Macron’s coalition lost a majority in parliament in June. This makes it more difficult to implement his policy. The budget plan for next year is under pressure among other things.

Several unions called for a major strike day for carriers. It is scheduled for next Tuesday.

In France, there have also been strikes in the fuel sector for some time, which caused a huge fuel shortage. This led to long lines of motorists waiting at gas stations.

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