Support measures for Ukraine in the Netherlands: “I have to help, I have to do something”

Support measures for Ukraine in the Netherlands: “I have to help, I have to do something”

Now that the war in Ukraine has begun, well-known organizations have begun large-scale relief efforts in the Netherlands. For example, the Refugee Foundation and the Red Cross raised 1.5 million euros in one day to help Ukraine. There are also Dutch people who feel called to create something themselves, to pretend or think of Ukraine in another way. A selection of different actions.

‘My call for help’

“It’s my call for help,” says Angelina Kucherk from Rotterdam. “I’m there with my thoughts.” With her organization “Ukrainian Community in Holland” she has been arranging humanitarian assistance to Ukraine for several years now. In recent days, she has been busy collecting medical supplies to take back to her home country.

Kucherk’s brother still lives in Ukraine and will fight for his country. “War is very emotional to me,” she says. “I want to do everything here, from the Netherlands, to help. Our organization is of course not as big as the Red Cross, for example, we are small. But it does not matter, we are doing what we can.”

The 64-year-old Kucheruk receives donations from Dutch organizations and several applications and other support statements from Dutch friends. “Everyone sympathizes. It’s a nice feeling that you’re not alone.”

Truck drivers distributing parcels

Truck driver Ashwin Kanu wants to “support” his Ukrainian colleagues in the Netherlands. “I heard that some people no longer have access to their money at all. At the same time they also have family who are there, and they can hardly contact them,” Kanu says in the statement. Radio NOS 1 news.

Find out about the status of Ukrainian truck drivers through a friend. “So I thought, Wait a minute, these are our mates. We have to do something.”

He organizes an aid drive at the De Poppe car park, near Oldenzaal: food parcels containing bread, water and oranges are delivered. Cannoo itself offers great meals. “Strong foods, like pasta. Food they can live on for a long time.”

Volunteers hear harrowing stories from drivers:

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