AliExpress is blacklisted in the United States. The United States sees an increase in counterfeit goods in the Chinese market

The United States has added WeChat and AliExpress to their listTheft listபட்டியல் The list is drawn up annually and this year there are 42 online markets and 35 physics markets. Both sites will do very little against the distribution of counterfeit articles through their markets.

AliExpress platform, from the parent company Alibaba, Merchants in China can sell their products to foreign customers. However, American Office of the United States Trade Representative The rise of counterfeit goods on AliExpress. Many counterfeit products are advertised as ‘naked’ and ‘genuine’. Therefore, the site is on the block list.

With this list, the United States wants to encourage countries to do more against the production and sale of counterfeit goods. The blacklist also includes well-known download sites such as Pirate Bay, RARBG and Popcorn Time.


China will do it Main country The company said in a statement that it was coming from counterfeit goods. More and more droppers in Belgium are using Chinese AliExpress, The manufacturer – usually in China – delivers the product directly to the buyer / customer. The trader / retailer acts as an intermediary and does not supply the product from its own stock. Many counterfeit products end up in our country without a hitch.


WeChat, the Chinese software developer Tencent’s WeChat, significantly facilitates the distribution of counterfeit products, said a U.S. trade representative. The platform will have 1.2 billion active users and a marketing function in addition to the chat service WeChat. Tencent’s spokesman said in a reply Who is inside That the company did not accept the decision taken. “We are committed to working together to resolve this issue,” he said.

The United States and China have the largest bilateral trade relationship in the world. However, in recent years it has come under a lot of pressure. For example, the Trump administration imposed tariffs on imports of Chinese goods as part of its first US policy.


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