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Geoff Keighley is hosting another Digital Summer Games Festival this year. The game journalist has been doing this since 2020. The event kicks off on June 9th with a live show announcing new games.

Summer Games Festival premiere It takes place on Thursday 9th June at 11pm Dutch time. According to Keighley, it’s a “multi-industry show” with announcements of new games. A day of presentation for developers follows immediately after that.

The former Summer Game Fest show shared the first gameplay of Elden Ring and announced Death Stranding’s exit cut. During Developers Day, indie games such as Axiom Verge 2 were shown. It is not yet known which developers will be participating in this year’s Keighley Show.

Organizer Please report on Twitter That “many events” for the other parties will also follow in June. Two of them have already been announced. The first one is the Tribeca Games Show, which features gameplay and interviews. Last year, among others, Qena: The Bridge of Souls Hideo Kojima appears and speaks. Microsoft’s Xbox and Bethesda Game Show will follow on June 12. Last year, companies and brands such as Activison, Blizzard, EA, Epic Games, PlayStation, Steam and Ubisoft also participated in Summer Game Fest.

Geoff Keighley has been associated with E3 for many years, but retired in 2020. He later established Summer Game Fest as a digital game festival all summer. E3 has been canceled this yearNot online, but should be back next year.

Summer Game Festival 2022

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