March 21, 2023

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Suddenly Lorenz Corona for the fourth time: Loneliness is close to the corner

Suddenly Lorenz Corona for the fourth time: Loneliness is close to the corner

It was at least 8 years ago when I got the flu under control. I forgot how I felt,” she wrote under her last photo. Although corona symptoms can be quite severe, Suddenly seems to find it difficult to deal with the social problem: “Since it is now called Corona, a side of Feeling lonely for a while.”

Faja loves to be at the forefront of the protests against Corona and regularly shares her frank opinion with her followers regarding Corona policy. Not too long ago, she was also a guest on Thierry Baudt’s “talk show,” where the two largely talked about the seriousness of the pandemic. However, as Terry completely negates the virus, he suddenly adds some water to the wine. Earlier this year, the fitness princess indicated that she had contracted coronavirus three times. She wrote at the time: “The last time was very noisy with breathing, but the other two times I was tired.”

Fortunately, Fella can get back to the people, because the fitness queen is feeling much better and shares this with her followers: “I woke up this morning after a beautiful dream and I feel like I can face the world again. I focus on all the beautiful things the world has to offer us and am grateful that I survived.

Rude previously told us she doesn’t like the testing policy. A fitness expert calls it pseudo-safety. So it is not entirely clear if she will ever test herself for corona.