Investigation of mandatory on-arrival testing for travelers in South Africa

Investigation of mandatory on-arrival testing for travelers in South Africa

Minister De Jonge has asked RIVM to investigate whether a corona test on arrival should be mandatory for Dutch travelers from South Africa. Currently, travelers are required to take a rapid test and PCR test before departure.

The outgoing minister confirmed that the test on arrival is now taking place on a voluntary basis “for research purposes”. After arriving in the Netherlands, a 10-day quarantine obligation is applied, which, according to him, is strictly controlled. Municipalities must check whether travelers are really staying at home, and if not, a fine of 339 euros will be imposed.

The fourteenth injury

In the near future, everyone who has returned from South Africa will be recalled. It means the Dutch from South Africa and neighboring countries such as Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

A flight ban has been imposed on flights from South Africa to the Netherlands, but this only applies to travelers from countries outside the European Union. An exception will be made for Dutch and EU citizens on their way home.

Minister De Jong also said that a 14th case of the omicron variant had now been detected among the quarantined travelers. This is more than has been known so far.

Research has shown that people who have tested positive for the omikron variant so far may have contracted the virus in several places. “At least not during the flight,” De Jong wrote to the House of Representatives.

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