January 27, 2023

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Stephen Brunswick is no longer welcome to Today Inside

Stephen Brunswick is no longer welcome to Today Inside

Stephen Brunswick was a one-time guest on the TV show, and during the baptism of fire, he was part of the broadcast in which the Johann Derricksen riots began. When Johann Derricksen made a statement about penetrating an unconscious woman with a candle, Stephen laughed shyly. Two days later he defended his performance on the talk show in 1

Wilfred immediately chimes in: “We recently had Stephen Brunswick, but it went wrong right away.” Then Renee remembers the moment Stephen sat next to him at the talk show table. “Then I came home in the evening and thought: This will never happen again. Sitting next to Stephen Brunswick, I thought that was a low point.”

He was a boring guest, according to René. “Nothing came out.” Gohan asks, “How is this boy full of theaters?” Renee knows the answer to that: “Maybe give tickets to the kids.” Wilfred Jenny tries to make a difference in the accident. “He was very tense.”

who are men Today inside I would like to have on the table, is Raphael van der Vaart. His sweetheart Estafana Pullman was a guest yesterday and was told by Johann Dirksen: “It suited us too.”

“Certainly, the only one (Football Analysts, Editor)” Rene van der Jeep agrees. But the gentlemen are very happy to receive Estafana as a guest. She is also very loved by viewers at home.

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