Steelers injury report: WR Chase Claypool OUT for Sunday game

Steelers injury report: WR Chase Claypool OUT for Sunday game

The Pittsburgh Steelers They end their short week with a quick turnaround after their Monday night win over the Bears. As the Steelers take the training ground for the second and final workout of the week to prepare for Detroit LionsEight names were on the casualty list. In the final injury report of the week courtesy Steelers.comOnly one player was injured in Sunday’s game.

Pittsburgh Steelers injury/participation report, week 10

game state

WR Chase Claypool (Toe) – Out

Friday 12 November

QB Ben Roethlisberger (chest / right shoulder) – full

WR Chase Claypool (Toe) – DNP

Eric Ebron (hamstring) – full

LB Robert Spillane (Ankle) – Full

DT Isaiah Buggs (Hip) – Full

DT Cam Heyward (Ankle) – Full

RB Nagy Harris (Foot) – Full

C Kendrick Green (hamstring) – full

Two new names appeared in Thursday’s injury report as rookies Nagy Harris and Kendrick Green were tied up in practice. Nagy Harris is listed as having a foot injury while Kendrick Green appeared with a hamstring problem. On Friday, the two players were able to train as well as the participants and not have any injuries.

When the estimated injury report was released on Wednesday, it came as no surprise that Ben Roethlisberger was listed as a non-training as he usually does not participate in field activities on the first day of training. With the Steelers playing on Monday night, it’s no surprise again that Roethlisberger was not involved in training as he is usually given three days to recover after a game. On Friday, Roethlisberger returned as a full participant and did not carry any infection cases for Sunday.

One of the players who didn’t finish the game on Monday night was Chase Claypool, who left with a toe injury. After returning to the field for several plays after an injury, Claypool was unable to go into the Steelers’ final drive. It was reported yesterday that Claypool was uninjured at the end of the season but could miss matches due to injury. After not training again on Friday, Claypool was disqualified from Sunday’s game.

The player who has missed the last two games with the Steelers has been tight and Eric Ebron who continues to struggle with a hamstring injury. At Tuesday’s press conference, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said he expects Ebron to return this week. Although not appreciated as a full participant, Ebron was expected to return in a limited fashion on Wednesday. On Thursday, Ebron was fully involved in actual practice. Eberon was a full participant again on Friday and it’s good to go play on Sunday.

The three players included in Wednesday’s discretionary report but fully featured are Robert Spillane and Cameron Hayward, each with an ankle, as well as Isaiah Bags with a buttock. Coach Tomlin stated at Tuesday’s press conference that the three players are dealing with injuries. Although they were all rated as full participants, not all of them were able to practice on Thursday. Robert Spillane and Cam Heyward are listed as limited while Isaiah Buggs was a full participant on Thursday. For Friday, all three players returned to the field for the Steelers and none of them carried a case of injury in Sunday’s game.

For the Lions’ injury report, you can see the names below from Friday’s training and Sunday game cases below, Via the official Steelers website:

game state

RB Jamal Williams (Thigh) – out

OLB Austin Bryant (Shoulder) – Doubtful

K Austin Seibert (right hip) – outside

T Taylor Decker (Finger) – Doubtful

Friday 12 November

RB Jamal Williams (Thigh) – DNP

Austin Bryant (shoulder) – Limited

K Austin Seibert (right hip) – DNP

T Taylor Decker (Finger) – Complete

CB AJ Parker (neck) – full

For more information on the Steelers and Lions’ injury reports, be sure to check out the BTSC Injury Report podcast below:

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