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Do you think yes I find the exact opposite:
– Almost all of my lightning cables have been broken, all the same problem. When the conductor is, rotating the conductor causes a break in the cable every time. All the USB-c cables are still alive and seem to have not been used.
USB-C is many times faster in charging and transferring data.
The macbook and ipad both have a USB-c port, but since the iPhone doesn’t, it’s necessary to bring two cables or even two charging devices. I don’t consider QI fees because they are inefficient and bad for your components and the competition is already more mature on this.

Everyone has their own preferences, of course, but then Apple should have remained wholly owned by imho and not give all devices the international standard except for the iPhone. That doesn’t make much sense to me.

The fact that almost any USB-C to USB-C cable can charge a phone, laptop, and tablet is something I really miss at Apple. Grab my Android device, insert the USB-C cable and connect it to a screen with the same cable. Grab my iPhone and have to find a cable that you will only use with your iPhone. Since it’s not really a necessary product, most iPhone owners will only have one of those (I’m talking about a USB-c to Lightning cable).
People with older chargers (lightning to lightning) will likely continue to use them and given the price of this cable compared to lightning to USB-c, most consumers will simply choose the first charger or the wireless charger. (which means an extra charger to take with you)

In short, Apple gives us USB-C!

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