The masked singer is causing a big surprise again

The masked singer is causing a big surprise again

Beware: This article contains spoilers about the latest episode of masked singer.

In the fourth episode, Cupid, Pharaoh, Piglet, Bookworm, Elf and Shark once again show their singing skills. There was also a special performance of ABBA’s music by two fur-like monsters. specially for smile project From RTL, Eddy Zoey and Edsilia Rombley were also guests at the referee’s recent performance.

To everyone’s astonishment, the monsters turned out to be quite funny, so the yellow monster replied to Edsilia’s question if he or she was an actor, as follows: “Boy, young man, you must keep my cover all the time and now I can finally talk and then you go over there. ..Do you know how hot it is here? I’m not an actor, I’m not an actor.”

In the end, only Spike and Jimmy Westland hid in Monstertje suits. Then they said, “It was very exciting, but we are ABBA fans, so we accepted the challenge.” In the video below, you can see how the two prepared for their performance.

After all the performances, the audience, as usual, decides the fate of all the candidates. Finally the curtain fell on Elfje. Before that happens, the committee can give its opinion again. Loretta goes for Igone de Jongh, Carlo for Natasja Froger, Gerard for Nicolette Kluijver, and finally Buddy for Froukje de Both.

But this time they are all wrong. To – yes – a big surprise to everyone, it turns out that no one but Issa Howes is hiding in the suit. “I had such beautiful songs!” says the actress after the unveiling. “And that’s after all those nice compliments from the first episode.”

masked singer It can be seen every Friday at 8pm on RTL 4. Our Luuk was placed in front of the block during the RTL Boulevard broadcast.

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