Steam Deck update improves fan usage, ‘especially quieter with light usage’

Valve has released a SteamOS update that brings a new fan curve to the Steam Deck. As a result, fans of a handheld device should be quieter, especially during light use. SteamOS 3.2 update previously appeared as a beta version and is now officially available.

to SteamOS 3.2 Update The fans are no longer controlled by the bios, but by the operating system. The new fan curve can respond more quickly to what the mobile device does, making the console quieter, Valve reports. The benefits will be especially noticeable in light games. Users can choose the old bios-controlled fan curve in the settings.

Players can also adjust the refresh rate while playing. By default, this is 60 Hz, but gamers can lower it to 40 Hz. For example, players can extend battery life and ensure a stable frame rate. At 60Hz, players can choose from 60, 30, or 15 frames per second. At 40 Hz, that’s 40, 20, or 10 fps.

The update also adds more screen resolutions for users to choose from, a quick format feature for microSD cards, and audio improvements. For example, Valve says that Steam Deck can now produce louder sound. Valve also announced that Steam Deck will support Remote Play Together with the Steam update, allowing players to play local multiplayer games online.

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