Stagediver “kises the floor” and envelopes full of money in Strawelte’s benefit performance

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Diving on stage undetected: For true Strwelte fans, the famous Frisian punk band’s performance on Saturday night didn’t disappoint.

A video shows how a man climbs onto the stage during a performance of Struelti, ready to jump into the audience. He ends up jumping to the ground, because he didn’t get caught. It ended well, says the band’s manager, Class Land, when asked. “We know it as wool, it’s in it Difficult Strullty fan. It makes him poerbêst. ”

For fans, the performance was a godsend, because the officially disbanded band only reunites once every few years. The cause of the evening at Het Bolwerk at Sneek was a fundraiser for musician Ernst Langot and sound engineer Jan Switers. Langhout’s farm (and at the same time Switters’ studio) in Gau burned to the ground in February.

A crowdfunding campaign soon followed, which at Land’s initiative was expanded with benefit concerts by various bands from the past. May derby crowdfunding, I guess there is no sa ‘n fyftichtûzen euro ynsammele”, Land estimates on Sunday afternoon. Then there are performances in the evening.

The manager was amazed at the hospitality of the visitors. Fans paid €50 for a poster of the band, intended for Langhout and Switters. And on Friday, during a performance at Neushoorn in Leeuwarden, envelopes with money were handed out. “Foar de Jonge” deserves a derby mention. amazing.”

For Strolett himself, it was amazing to see so many young people in the audience. , It seems that this is the first fan of Beren fans. And anything is possible. Wy kinne no wol konkludearje dat wy in soarte fan kult-band inne”.

Here is the link to the entire video.

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