Cancellation of the vote of the Ninke victim from a meeting with the House of Representatives | show

Cancellation of the vote of the Ninke victim from a meeting with the House of Representatives |  show

Nienke Wijnhoven, a victim the soundThe scandal, she was not allowed to attend at the last minute a hearing of the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Culture and Science at the end of February.

The singer, who reported sexually dissenting behavior by band leader Jeroen Rietbergen while participating in the Holland sound In the 2017-2018 season, she was initially invited by the House Committee to speak about her talent show experience. This invitation was later withdrawn. The session consisted of three roundtable discussions that invited top RTL men (Sven Sauvé) and Talpa (Paul Römer), NPO President Frederieke Leeflang, singer Aafke Romeijn and talent scout Basja Chanowski.

Nienke Wijnhoven’s lawyer, Sébas Diekstra confirms: “The client was actually invited and later received a message that she was no longer welcome in the House. The way she handled this is anything but cautious. The client has her experiences in practice the sound to share with MPs. Among other things, about how things go behind the scenes and never informing candidates of the possibilities of filing a complaint or complaint about misconduct. She also wanted to explain why she never wanted to say anything about what had happened to her. which her concerns played a role, such as the potential damage to her career as an artist. But in addition to this, she could also tell us why she later behaved well in the direction of the people involved and even expressed herself very positively in public. The latter despite the fact that she knew she was in fact just the victim of a serious sexual crime.”

A spokesman for the House of Representatives confirmed that Ninke Wijnhoven’s invitation had been withdrawn. “We later found out that she is subject to legal action. We want to prevent this from inadvertently affecting.”

standing in the cold

Lawyer Sebas Dijkstra also criticizes the fact that there is not yet An independent and impartial investigation Happening in violations: “Currently, there are many victims who do not want to take a step to the police, but also do not want to talk to a law firm (Van Doorne) that was hired by the producer for an internal and partial investigation. We can no longer leave these victims out in the open, but we must provide the opportunity to report to an independent and impartial body so that we can tell their story, anonymously or otherwise.”

“Over the past few days, I’ve heard people say on TV that it’s only been three months and we can’t really expect results, especially if the studies are done carefully. When people say that, they clearly have no idea how many victims have yet to come forward. Because they simply do not feel safe enough to take this step. And how can you conduct a thorough and thorough investigation if you already know that you have a completely incomplete picture?”

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