Spain refuses entry to Moroccans who hold Spanish citizenship

Spain refuses entry to Moroccans who hold Spanish citizenship

July 11, 2023 – 3:30 PM – The World


Moroccan women, whose children are born to a Spanish father and are stuck in Morocco, are asking for a transit permit so they can go to school in Ceuta.

“We don’t ask for anything, we don’t ask for papers, just a transit permit so our children can go to school in Ceuta.” This is the cry for help from Moroccan mothers who want their Spanish children, who have been stuck in Morocco since the borders were closed due to the Covid-19 health crisis, to go back to school.

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These Moroccan women, most of them widowed or divorced, went to the Spanish consulate in Tetouan several times and also contacted the authorities in the enclave so that their Spanish children could go back to school, to no avail. And they assure: “They are Spanish children, and their parents are Spanish.” Alvaro de Ceuta.

According to the mothers, their children who have Spanish citizenship should be admitted to the Spanish school in Tetouan. But they were told there was no room and they had to pay extra. They complain, “We, the mothers, have a green passport, but our children have a red passport. They tell us there is no solution and we have no rights.”

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Most of the women worked as domestic workers in Ceuta and lost their jobs due to the border closures. “We knocked on all doors in Morocco, but they say the solution to our problem is in Ceuta… The borders are open and the government says it can do nothing. We ask to save the children’s future, they beg.”

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