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Developer CCP Games has revealed a multiplayer FPS “module” for EVE Online with EVE Vanguard. Players must complete quests alone or in small groups, collect resources and fight other players. There will be a public beta of Vanguard in December.

Vanguard is developed in Unreal Engine 5 and players take on the role of a vanguard and clone it shrinkage You must perform on the planet New Eden. Players can upgrade their cloned equipment by playing the game mode. The game mode will be linked to EVE Online, Says the Chinese Communist Party, which will allow Vanguard players to influence the game world of the multiplayer online spaceship. CCP isn’t offering many details about this yet, but says it wants to expand this influence in the future.

The game mode will be playable via the EVE Online launcher. The first publicly playable test of Vanguard will be released in December with First Strike. CCP previously released an FPS game set in the EVE universe, Dust 514, in 2013, but it was taken offline three years later due to low player numbers.

In addition to Vanguard, CCP has announced other additions to EVE Online, such as new ships. Additionally, there is an upcoming 4X strategy smartphone game, Which will be called EVE Galaxy Conquest. This was created by CCP Shanghai and players can compete against other players. The strategy game gets factions and ships from EVE Online. Galaxy Conquest will be released in Q4 2023 “in select regions” on iOS and Android. The game is supposed to be released worldwide in 2025.

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