“South Holland has the highest number of charging points per household” – picture and sound – news

The province of South Holland has the most public charging points for electric vehicles per household. The Independer reports this on the basis of data from, among others, RDW and RVO. Limburg has the fewest public charging points per household.

In the south of the Netherlands there are 9.3 public charging points for every 1,000 households, Independer Reports† This is 0.2 more than in the northern Netherlands and 0.7 more than in the province of Utrecht. Flevoland County ranks fourth, with 7.2 charging points per 1,000 households. So Randstad has the highest density of general charge points, followed by Noord-Brabant with 5.3 and Gelderland with 4.6. Only in Overijssel there are more than 3 charging points per 1000 families, in other provinces the number drops below 3.

What’s also amazing about the Independer numbers is that the number of public charge points per electric vehicle continues to drop. In 2017, there were still 1.1 electric cars per charge point, and now there are 4.7. The number of public charging points increased to 70,000, nearly six times as much as in 2015, but during the same period, the number of electric vehicles increased from 7,000 to 243,662, nearly 35 times. However, the increase in the number of electric vehicles per charge point is weakening. He writes on January 1, 2021 that there are 4.6 electric cars per charging point Insurance Comparison

A large representation of the number of public Randstad charging points can also be seen in the number of “charging station stickers” fines. These are, for example, electric vehicles that are at charging stations, but do not charge. Dutch court He was sentenced earlier this month That cars must be cut off within two hours of being fully loaded, or else you will face a fine of €95.

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In 2021, nearly 9,000 fines were issued for parking at the charging station. Almost half of these fines were issued in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. In the capital, 1599 fines were issued for this. In The Hague there were 1270 and in Rotterdam there were 1194. These numbers were also higher than in 2020.

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