How mango sticky rice became so popular in Thailand by rappers

How mango sticky rice became so popular in Thailand by rappers

The special moment instantly spread around the world. The video of the performance was widely shared and picked up by international media. Since then, the candy has been ordered on an assembly line in Thailand.

Previously considered a traditional delicacy, it is now popular among young Thais. Langerak: “In the past few days, I’ve seen delivery lines for people in restaurants in Bangkok to pull orders online. Even the delivery service had to shut down the app because the order got too big.”

criticize the government

Anyone who thinks that the rapper’s work with the rice dish was previously conceived by the Thai government is wrong. Millie is best known for her critical texts about government. During the presentation, the government was described as “corrupt”.

In recent years, she has criticized the government’s handling of the Corona pandemic. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha sued the rapper last year for defamation and even risked a prison sentence. Other artists who have expressed criticism are also addressed.

“Mili, therefore, is less popular among government supporters,” says Langrac. “They are trying to find ways to criticize the young rapper for eating ‘inappropriate’ food on stage. They also say she should have sung about Thai culture instead of criticizing the government.”

Remarkably, the Prime Minister now chose to jump on Mielle’s fuss right away. He announced that the mango sticky rice will be nominated for inclusion on the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List.

huge bend

Langerak says the prime minister’s praise of Khannatrakul is a major development. “Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha admitted a few days ago that he may have misjudged the rapper. Now he is praising the young artist for helping to promote Thailand. The Prime Minister has a lot of work to do, and sometimes he makes mistakes,” a spokesperson said.

We hope that the popularity of sticky rice with mango will spread abroad. A Thai professor told The Bangkok Post he’s seeing an international market for ready-to-eat mango sticky rice. He says international influencers should be used to promote sweets and other Thai dishes.

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