January 27, 2023

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Dying Light 2 sold five million copies in its release month – Games – News

(No spoilers if you know Dying Light 1)

I thought the game was definitely worth playing in a co-op mode. The story was good, and the parkour is absolutely gorgeous. The physics with Grapple in Dying Light 1 was really, really bad (you can joke around every corner); Using the parachute in the second part is very interesting and you can get into special places – it also offers creative possibilities to get, for example, to tall buildings for big rewards. It’s still not really realistic, but it’s so cute

We found the game a bit easy, even at the highest difficulty levels. In the first part, the nights were full of “Volatiles” (ultra-fast and extremely powerful zombies), but in the second part they only come when you kill a lot of zombies at night (a bit like the GTA star system).
You can create some kind of “Health Booster” that, if you max it out, will return 6% health per second for 180 seconds, which is really ridiculous. You can easily stand in a crowd of zombies without dying with extreme difficulty. I already have 300 of these things in stock. This just shouldn’t be possible.

I hope they add some more exciting equipment to the game besides the “+X% bonus to Y”.

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