January 28, 2023

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Sources: Apple is coming up with an extreme sports version of the Apple Watch right now

Sources: Apple is coming up with an extreme sports version of the Apple Watch right now

Apple plans to release an Apple Watch aimed at people who engage in extreme sports, well-established generally write Bloomberg† The watch will have a sturdier body and a larger screen for this purpose.

Apple is expected to release several Apple Watch models in the fall. In addition to the regular Apple Watch Series 8 with a 1.9-inch screen (like the current Series 7), a more powerful version for outdoor athletes is also expected. Sources say it will get a larger 2-inch screen.

The screen resolution is 410 x 502 pixels. More space on the screen should ensure that the watch can store more fitness data.

In addition, the Extreme Sports watch will receive a stronger case, made of strong metal. Regular watches are made of aluminum. The screen can also take a beating better.

Moreover, the watch is said to be equipped with a larger battery. This is useful for people who do long-term endurance sports. The current hours are not suitable for this in all cases.

Apple hasn’t officially announced anything about the new Apple Watch yet. The company often does this in September, along with the introduction of new iPhones. There are already rumors about the watch. For example, it is said that the new type of wearable devices Thermometer So that they can diagnose a fever.

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