How do I live…my millennial life? Popular series get a new book

How do I millennial life?  Popular series get a new book


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New book coming in popularity How do I survive-series. This is what the writer Francine Omen announced.

In the original series (released between 1998 and 2015), a girl is followed into puberty. In the new book, the main character Rosa will be somewhere in her twenties or about thirty years old, says Omen in a letter on tik tok

Each book in the series deals with a different topic facing elderly Rosa, from her first kiss to her changing relationship with her parents. For many children, the chain has been a support in their insecure puberty.

I was amazed by the comments

This series, with illustrations by Annet Schaap, has been awarded several awards. Also, some books have been used as the basis for musicals and TV series.

last now How do I surviveThe book dates back to 2015, where life with divorced parents is pivotal. Amina decided to revive the series because of what she sees in the circle of friends of her children, who are now in their twenties.

When asked, she said, “There you see a lot of depression and exhaustion. It’s a very difficult time for them.” To get more information about the lives of people in their 20s in 2022, Amina said in her announcement that she wanted to talk to ten people of that age. Interested parties can send a letter.

Then her mailbox exploded. “I was absolutely stunned by all of these reactions,” Omen says. “I wasn’t expecting this at all.” According to the author, it shows that there is a need for such a book and that many people want to talk about the challenges in their life. Oomen: “I’m so happy with all these reactions, it’s heartwarming.”

There is probably more to write about life in your twenties than your teenage life.

How do I survive an Amber Barels fan

On the contrary, fans of the series are happy that Oomen throws himself once again into Rosa’s life. Amber Barels grew up with the series, and she says, “Rosa was my age and had my first kiss, like when she had her first kiss. I really started reading through her books,” says Barels, who is now 27.

“So I’m going to read this article anyway. There’s a lot to highlight, from maintaining a good relationship to looking for a job. There’s probably more to write about about your twenties than teenage life.”

And 25-year-old Kimberly Brook has no doubts that she will buy the new book. She has the entire original series in her mother’s closet.

thousand emails

“I immediately became excited by the news. Every Christmas I would order a book to complete my series again. It was nice to immerse yourself in this world and sometimes realize you weren’t that bad. Rosa’s life was a little bit more dramatic than mine, but there were a few things which are also recognizable, such as living with two divorced parents.”

Brook thinks of accepting Ommen’s invitation to talk to her. You will not be alone. The writer said Omen actually received “about a thousand emails” after she called. “So I guess I just have to organize something.”

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