CEO gives an update for GTA 6 (with GTA 5 coming to the surface)

CEO gives an update for GTA 6 (with GTA 5 coming to the surface)

An astonishing number of GTA 5 copies have been purchased. What about GTA 6? The CEO of parent company Take-Two Interactive reassures shareholders and fans.

Playstation 2 had no fewer than five GTAs. In 2022, it will be eight years since the release of another Grand Theft Auto, GTA 5. It is a game that was released on three generations of consoles. What a contrast.

GTA 6 on the street

The fact that games are getting bigger and more beautiful and ambitious is great, but it also means that development has become exponentially more expensive and time consuming. In other words, we have to wait longer for prosecutions, and risk less and less.

So about GTA 6 I have been silent for years. Fans indulged in every little rumor, but no sound came from the Rockstar Games camp. Then you finally expect to get to know the end game via a teaser or poster. The official launch of the marketing campaign.

It turned out differently. On September 18, out of nowhere more than 1 hour of videos From the following Grand Theft Auto. GTA 6 was on the street. At least, there is a mountain of videos showing a game in development. At the same time, the developer’s visual listings made it clear that the images legal Especially not intended for our eyes.

Hacker is 17 years old

Rockstar Games, the developer behind Grand Theft Auto, has been hacked. Finally, a few days later, a 17-year-old boy was arrested in London for hacking into the studio. It is said to be part of $Lapsus, a group that has also claimed similar intrusions into Microsoft, Samsung and Nvidia.

Hacking is an extensible concept though. According to reliable sources, the young “hacker” simply extracted a password from a leaked mountain of user data and used it to log into Rockstar’s internal Slack. There he got pictures. It’s still completely illegal, but it’s a different branch of the sport.

Rockstar eventually responded by short statement on the dropout. Then, game journalists who spoke to developers described sadness and frustration within the company: employees suddenly saw years of work on the street, in a way that also doesn’t do their work justice. The general public, who are not accustomed to seeing what the game in development looks like, also has a wrong impression.

gta 6 leaked map
GTA 5 (Source: Rockstar Games)

Where is this trailer?

Well, we are now about two months away. The weeks that fans have been anticipating the first trailer, based on some vague hints in GTA 5 and a lot of… creative speculation. This disclosure, however, did not materialize. Now a familiar question has appeared on the Internet: will it take longer to develop GTA 6 because of the leaked images? In other words: Has a potential reveal been postponed?

Meet Strauss Zelnick. A name you may soon forget, but the best man is the CEO of Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games. While sharing the quarterly numbers, which is somewhat boring, he briefly went back to last week’s GTA 6 leak.

CEO reassures GTA fans

Here is what the American said: “As for the leak, it was a real shame, and we take these kinds of accidents very seriously. There is no evidence that any substance origins It was stolen, which is good, and the leak certainly won’t affect development or anything like that, but it’s terribly disappointing and makes us more vigilant about cybersecurity.”

So concerned fans can leave speculation behind. The development of GTA 6 has not been negatively affected by the stolen images. You won’t get much more formal and literal confirmation.

Wow: fans bring GTA 6 graphics to GTA 5 after years of work

GTA 5 is still going through the roof

Speaking of quarterly numbers, Zelnick also reported to contributors that GTA 5 has now sold a total of over 170 million copies. The GTA franchise as a whole now has 385 million copies. This means that GTA 5 covers almost half of all games sold. embarrassed.

This sets the bar for GTA 6 very high. Modern Warfare II, the latest installment of Call of Duty, has also broken all sales records for the long-running franchise in recent weeks. But every time GTA 6 is immediately mentioned: “Wait, this game will break all records.”

After waiting for at least eight years, you can bet it will be the biggest entertainment release ever. rock star good luck, No pressure. The company is likely to lay the foundation for live service The game you say u have.

A live Grand Theft Auto game, with an online mode that can be expanded for many years to come. Well, this takes time. In the meantime, take a look at the first trailer for GTA 5, which started it all:

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CEO gives an update for GTA 6 (with GTA 5 coming to the surface)

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