Source says New York Jets are sticking with Joe Flacco as QB starter in week two

Source says New York Jets are sticking with Joe Flacco as QB starter in week two

FLOREHAM PARK, NJ – New York fans cheered Mike Whitename during Sunday’s season-opening loss to the Ravens, but the Jets don’t plan to change quarterbacks for the second week.

veteran Joe Flaccowho replaced the injured Zach WilsonHe will start on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns, a source told ESPN.

Gates coach Robert Saleh indicated on Monday that Flacco was “likely” to start the match, but raised some doubts by saying all positions were under review. A source said Gates never seriously considered including Flacco for the famous Whites, who became a fan favorite with a 405-yard pass performance last season in a surprise for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Flacco, 37, struggled against the crows, as the planes didn’t score a touchdown until the last minute of the game. His lack of mobility was stark, as he was sacked three times, hit 11 times and pinned 19 times, according to Next Gen Stats data.

Flacco completed 37 of 59 passes for 307 yards with one touchdown and one interception. In fairness, the pass balance was off the line, with the Jets calling up 62 passes out of a total of 79 passes. The former Super Bowl MVP also played behind a modified offensive line, with George Fant Back to address left and upward Max Mitchell Starting with the correct treatment. These changes were made last week due to a shoulder injury in the left intervention Duane Brownwhich was placed in the injured reserve.

Wilson, who underwent arthroscopic knee surgery on August 16, is expected to miss at least two more matches. He’s still not training but will be doing some light solo training this week.

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