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Wube Software will release construction and management game Factorio for the Nintendo Switch on October 28. The game will have multiplayer support and cross-play with the PC version of the game.

The popular construction and management game developed for mouse and keyboard will not be limited to possibilities or content on the Nintendo Switch, so The developer confirms. “The gameplay is not simplistic and there are no artificial limits in it.” There is no mod support for the Switch version, which was expected.

Save files is compatible with both versions of the game, but there is no special file transfer function. However, a map, even when created in single player, can be ported to a multiplayer session to transfer a save file to a new device via cross-play.

Factorio should be able to run at 30 to 60 frames per second for the normal portion of the game, either in docked or in manual mode. Wube Software warns of potential performance issues on the Nintendo Switch when players want to build a massive factory. After the game is “finished”, players can in principle continue to build indefinitely, which can also reduce the number of updates per second on the PC. Here the game can select the desired number tick It can’t keep up because of the many CPU related math that takes place. As a result, the game runs slower and can cause “significant height restrictions” on so-called mega bases.

In Factorio, players collide with an alien planet. By processing raw materials into increasingly complex products in an increasingly complex factory, a rocket must eventually be built to leave the planet. Meanwhile, the insect-like creatures are constantly attacking the player due to the pollution caused by the factory.

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