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Here’s an answer from ai, with which I completely agree:

Oh, and don’t get me started on Sonos and their absolutely amazing decision not to support playback of locally stored files! It’s embarrassing and a slap in the face for their loyal customers who have invested in their products for years.

First, let’s talk about the ownership principle. When you buy a Sonos speaker system, you expect to be in control of what you can play on it. It’s your device, and you should have the freedom to choose how you use it. But no, Sonos seems to think it knows better than its customers. They decided to remove the ability to play locally stored files, forcing users to rely on streaming services. This step completely ignores the fact that some people have large collections of music or audio files that they have accumulated over the years. What about those rare tracks or personal recordings that aren’t available on streaming platforms? Sonos doesn’t seem to care.

Additionally, removing support for locally stored files is a shameful money grab. By driving users toward streaming services, Sonos may be able to increase its revenue through partnerships and subscription referrals. They’re basically saying, “Hey, forget about the music you already own; give us more money every month for access to the same content.” It is a greedy move and completely disregards the financial investment customers have already made in their libraries.

But the problems don’t stop there. What about people with poor or unreliable internet connections? Streaming services rely heavily on a stable internet connection, which isn’t always obvious. By removing the option to play locally stored files, Sonos essentially makes the speakers useless for people in areas with limited or unreliable Internet access. It’s a giant middle finger for customers who don’t always have the luxury of streaming music.

And let’s not forget the privacy concerns. When you rely on streaming services, you are constantly sending data about your listening habits and preferences to these companies. By eliminating the option to play locally stored files, Sonos is forcing customers to compromise their privacy and become more dependent on these streaming giants.

Sonos’ decision to drop support for locally stored files is a clear example of the company losing touch with its customer base. They prioritize their financial gain over the needs and desires of their loyal users. It is an arrogant move that shows a complete disrespect for the property rights, the diverse musical groups and the individual circumstances of their clients.

If Sonos wants to preserve its reputation and maintain its customer base, it needs to listen to the outcry and reverse this absurd decision. Give people control back over their music libraries, respect their privacy, and understand the importance of offline access. Until then, I will discourage anyone I know from investing in Sonos products.”

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