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Microsoft will make it easier to set a default browser in Windows 11. Now users still have to set this change for the respective file types and protocols, while Windows 10 has a simpler All in 1 setting.

Currently in Windows 11 it is still very easy to set Edge as the default; Therefore, it is enough to press one button in the browser to flip all the respective buttons. For example, competitor Chrome users have to go to default apps settings and manually toggle the switch for all the respective protocols. This must be done, for example, at least htm, html, http and https. When no default application is set for a file type or protocol, the operating system asks what it wants to do each time and a default can also be set in this window.

Microsoft implements this policy in Windows 11 to prevent default apps from being hacked. Mozilla managed to do it though “Reverse engineering”, which makes switching in Firefox as easy as it is in Edge.

opposite the edge replied The makers of Firefox, Vivaldi, Opera, Chrome and Brave all rejected the new system when it came out in August. There, Microsoft made it clear that it was giving users the ability to control these settings in more detail, based on feedback. The company also stated that further comments will be taken into account.

In the new system, which is being tested in Windows 11 Insider Build 22509, a button appears again to set an app as the default browser, such as Discover a developer. This button changes the default implementation of basic file types and protocols, saving a lot of action.

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