June 10, 2023

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Camilla is angry with King Charles after Harry attends the coronation

Camilla is angry with King Charles after Harry attends the coronation

According to sources close to the royal family, Camilla was unhappy with Charles’ decision to invite Harry from the very beginning. Charles and Harry aren’t on good terms anymore and with all the drama of the past few years, Camilla thinks Harry has detracted from the importance and solemnity of the event.

And it looks like Camilla has found a like-minded person, and Prince William would feel exactly the same way. “Camilla agrees with Prince William and believes her husband was a coward. Charles should have exiled Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to show their toxicity will not be tolerated. Camilla believes his decision has caused their popularity to plummet.”

However, Charles does not want to hear about Camilla’s criticism. “He finds her behavior annoying and disrespectful. He’s tired of people questioning his decisions and undermining him.” It is said that the mutual bond between the two had deteriorated to such an extent that they could no longer sit at table together and eat without arguing. However, Camila stands her ground. “She will never forgive Harry, so there are still some hard days ahead.”

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