Brothers in Amersfoort behind viral Christmas clip with Rutte, De Jonge and OMT’ers: ‘Giving people a smile on their faces in difficult times’

Brothers in Amersfoort behind viral Christmas clip with Rutte, De Jonge and OMT'ers: 'Giving people a smile on their faces in difficult times'

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Amersfoort – Mark Rutte, Hugo de Jong, Dedrick Gummers, and Jaap van Diesel who sing a Christmas carol in a Christmas-like outfit. Add to that swaying hips, swaying hands and high eyelashes and it looks like a new boy band has been born. But nothing could be further from the truth, we can still see what that would look like in the deepfake video. Two brothers from Amersfoort shot the video and it’s unbelievable that their creation is spreading on social media.

The Matisse brothers, 27, said: “We wanted to wish people a Merry Christmas, especially at this difficult time, to bring smiles to their faces. It’s great that we have succeeded now, and it is worth more than working on the video.” ) and Kass Groten (29) against RTL Nieuws.

It takes a lot of work

The brothers have been working on this Christmas video for at least two weeks and the effort has paid off almost immediately. Hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and TikTok and they are in all kinds of groups on WhatsApp. Matisse says people basically want to know how to put together a movie. “We think that’s funny. Since everyone is so used to everything that happens so fast in this world, people think you can do it like this. But it’s not just with a picture and a phone, there’s really a lot of work to do.”

Since this year, Matties and Cass has set up a company that produces deepfake videos for TV shows, for example. They are using complex techniques that they have specialized in in the Corona crisis, the brothers told RTL Nieuws. “First of all, you need a lot of shots of people you want to deepfake, for example from Mark Rutte. You also need powerful, smart computers and a lot of software knowledge.”

Watch the deepfake video here:

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