Linda de Mol has an affair with Johnny: ‘He’s literally being held hostage’

Linda de Mol has an affair with Johnny: 'He's literally being held hostage'

She writes, “I’ve wondered—and still do—if I shouldn’t quit my job completely.” In particular, Linda has a hard time with the fact that “anonymous accusations can easily lead to complete revocation and false accusations can completely destroy someone.

According to her, it is impossible to defend yourself in such a situation. Because then you wear Victim bashingThis reminds her of her cousin Johnny, who is accused of assault by his ex-fiancée Shima Qais and sexual assault by another woman. With Johnny, I was able to see with pain in my heart what is happening to the family, if it takes so long before the prosecution picks up on something Or don’t pick it up, you’re literally being held hostage because the other party is really running everything through the media. And because our legal system is so overburdened, you have to wait indefinitely to finally be able to tell your story,” Linda writes.

Johnny denies the allegations, but both cases have yet to be investigated. For the presenter, the accusations are reason enough to temporarily disappear from the tube. Soon, however, he will be back with Misunderstanding the restaurant. His talk show HLF8 He hasn’t submitted it yet.

In her editorial, Linda also extensively discusses the things she has been accused of in recent months. Media expert Rob Goossens wasn’t really happy with her approach:

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