Sonia Bakker returns after allegations of plagiarism | stars

Sonia Bakker returns after allegations of plagiarism |  stars

Sonia writes on her website that she has started an “online brain training program”. “On the basis of simple steps, I want to take you with you and guide you to change the way you think in daily life, so that you become the master of your diet and your thoughts!”

The program may start from Monday, October 11th. So it seems that Sonya will resume her work in the very near future.


The dietician has been in the news several times in the past month, because it turns out that many of the recipes on her Instagram account have been copied from other writers. Sonya took responsibility, but assured that there was no plagiarism in her books.

When at least one copied recipe was found in her books, she gave up her work. “I’ve always enjoyed my job, but right now I just don’t have the energy to go on,” she said last month. Spread. “A chase has been launched for me. I can’t fight that anymore. I’m broken and I need to rest.”

Sonia’s friend, Barry van Swigdam, showed up on Friday night Show news Not knowing to be aware of Sonja’s plans. Sonia herself could not be reached for comment.

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