If it’s up to GGD, we don’t sprinkle gingerbread cookies and keep waving

If it's up to GGD, we don't sprinkle gingerbread cookies and keep waving

This national advice has to do with Corona, a national GGD spokesperson confirms after reporting by BN DeStem. “Holding bags and distributing candy means that you come into contact with viruses faster and therefore you can catch corona. And we want to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.”

Therefore, the advice is to put all the ginger nuts and sweets in bags and then distribute them to the children.

no jewelry

GGD West Brabant BN DeStem reports that Sinterklaas assistants are also recommended Do not wear handmade jewelry. A spokesperson for the health service says in the newspaper.

A national GGD spokesperson informed RTL Nieuws that the advice applies to the entire country, so for all Sinterklaas and Pieten in all arrivals.

With or without corona passage

Many municipalities are still not sure how to arrange access. Should I be asked to pass Corona or not? In Amsterdam, visitors can leave their Corona passport at home. There is still a lot of uncertainty about getting to Utrecht. According to the latest reports, Rotterdam will require test certificates at Willemsplein, where Saint Nicholas is received, Trouw wrote.

At first they didn’t want to have a check at all at Rosendal, but now there would be a check. Just like in Amersfoort.

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